Delperdang History

The following information was provided to me from Pascal Delperdange and Joan Shipley:

The Hansy's Story:
Mister Henri Hansy came with his wife to Bastogne from Erpeldange, Luxembourg around 1610. Today Bastogne is in Belgium, but until 1839, the Bastogne area was part of Luxembourg. (map) In the beginning, the Bastogne people said "The man of Erpeldange". Year after year, Henri's name became "Hansy d'Erpeldange", and soon thereafter "Delperdange". It's a usual transformation for this period.¹

The Delperdange/Delperdang Story:
My Great-great-great-great Grandpa is Michel Delperdange. He had three sons who came to the U.S around 1878. They were born in a Warnach, Belgium. It is a small village between Bastogne and Luxembourg. Apparently, they lost the 'e' at the end of their name when they came to States.

Here is a photo of Michel's and his wife's tombstone in a Cemetery next to St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Warnach, Commune de Fauvillers, Belgium. The cemetery is enclosed behind the wall surrounding the church and cannot be seen from the street. The present church is named after St. Anthony the third century Egyptian monk, and dates back to about 17-18th century. Archeologists have found part of the foundation to be that of an older church possibly dating to the 11th century. In the forest nearby, archeologists found a church site for this general area that dates back to the 9th century (approx.). It is thought to be a precursor to the Warnach Parish Church².

¹ - Information received in email conversations with Pascal Delperdange.
² - This was provided by Joan Shipley in her research trip to Belgium. This is information she obtained from oral discussion with deacon of Warnach parish during August 1999 visit.

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